Check out our volunteer testimonies, along with heartfelt stories from the local people of Kuffu.

From Volunteers

 In this video, we showcase the heartwarming testimonies of two dedicated volunteers who have experienced firsthand the transformative work being done in this vibrant community.

From GOSHEM School & Ministries

Step into the heart of Kuffu and witness the profound impact of Care for Kuffu on the local GOSHEM school and ministries. In this video, we delve into how our organization is empowering education and supporting community development initiatives in this vibrant village.

Former Students Testimonies

Discover how the support from Care for Kuffu has made a lasting impact on their lives, helping them overcome challenges and achieve their dreams.

From Teachers

In this video, the educators share their sincere thanks for the financial support provided by Care for Kuffu, which has made a significant impact on their teaching environment and resources.