Working through a local Ugandan charity called GOSHEM, Care for Kuffu is a UK based charity with a vision of creating self-sustainable villages in the most rural and deprived parts of Uganda, Africa.

Kuffu is the Charity’s first project and is a village based in the Kirema Parish in the district of Nakaske District in the central region of Uganda. The village was badly affected by the regime of Idi Amin and then by the impact of the Bush Wars between 1981 and 1986. This impacted every aspect of village life with women raped, animals and property stolen and the terrorisation of the people, including children.

The final blow came when AIDS swept the population and further undermined the foundations of the community resulting in an orphaned generation with low self-esteem, no skills and extreme poverty.

Where Are We Now?

Thanks to the generous donations of our members and the dedication of the team on the ground, the village has already developed significantly over the last couple of years. From its humble beginnings in 2009 with just 60 children attending lessons in outside classrooms, the school now supports over 250 children in 8 classrooms, with a full staff of teachers.

In addition to the digging of a well for fresh water and provision of a basic electricity supply there are also a simple but functional community centre, private rooms for medical treatment from visiting doctors and nurses and a purpose-built kitchen providing food for the children and teachers.

Our next projects include building eco-toilets and further developing the school facilities to ensure they are correctly equipped for the growing needs of the pupils.