Working through a local Ugandan charity called “GOSHEM”, Care for Kuffu is a UK-based charity with a vision of creating self-sustainable villages in the most rural and deprived parts of Uganda, Africa. Our aim is to help the village of Kuffu, Uganda by :

Advancing  /  Health  /  Education  / Agriculture  /  Development =  A.H.E.A.D.

Our aim is transformation.


In central Uganda, about 45 kilometres from the capital Kampala, is the village of Kuffu.  It lays in the Parish of Kirema in the district of Nakaske.  It mainly consists of subsistence farmers.  Over the years this village has been badly affected by various catastrophes.  There was the horrific, brutal regime of Idi Amin and this was followed by a number of years of “bush wars”, then it was stricken by the Aids epidemic.  All these collectively have robbed this already poor community of the little it had and any means of improvement.  Amin and the wars and Aids had annihilated men with their agricultural skills and also parents which  left many orphans.  The result of this for many who remained was drunken-ness which became their means of escape.  All this produced a prevailing sense of hopelessness.

Our History

One of the young men from this community, Samuel Kibiridge, who had miraculously survived Idi Amin and the bush wars and had received an education was aware that the means of change in the village would be through education.  Out of his own limited resources he had built a two-classroomed school out of papyrus reeds and a second-hand tin roof which came complete with holes.  This classroom of 2009 had 60 children and 2 teachers.  Samuel also founded a small charity called “Goshem Uganda”.  Now there are 250 children and 11 staff in the school.

Care for Kuffu

In 2009 “Care For Kuffu” Charity was formed and began a partnership with Mr Kibiridge and “Goshem Uganda” to transform the village of Kuffu.  Over the past years, through the consistent child support and generous gifts of friends and partners, this transformation has resulted in the following:-

  1. The construction of a school perimeter wall to keep the children safe from abduction.
  2. The installation of electricity to the school compound.
  3. The digging of a well and the construction of a water tower which supplies water around the compound.
  4. The construction of a toilet block with the accompanying “bio-loo” system.
  5. The construction of eight new brick-built classrooms.
  6. A two-storey building for further education and skill training.
  7. A metal work fabrication shop for further skills training.
  8. The church structure has been completed, not only as a place of worship but also as a community centre, and is used as extra classrooms.
  9. The construction and furnishing of a purpose built kitchen which supplies the children and the staff with meals.
  10. There is also a Micro-Bank formed to help people with their finances.
  11. A Visitors’ Centre has also been built for the purpose of hosting people who come to spend time and work in Kuffu school.
  12. There has also been constructed a Medical Centre with the aim of improving the health of the community by a resident medical presence in the village. Up to now “Care For Kuffu” has supplied an annual medical day with a medical team and medication to treat the community and surrounding area free of charge. In 2023 there were 405 people treated.

“Care For Kuffu” has purchased 16 acres of land for cultivation, supplying food for the school.  It has also built and stocked a “Piggery” and a “Rabbit Farm”.

Since “Care For Kuffu” has worked in the village there has been an overall improvement in the health and welfare of the children and villagers.   Drunken-ness has been greatly reduced and a sense of hope for the future has arisen.

Mission 2023

In our most recent mission to the Village a two-storey “chicken and goat house” was erected and money was raised to stock this.  We also supplied a water tank and ultra violet purification system.


With the gifts and support of our friends – “Care For Kuffu” aims to :

  1. Furnish medical rooms.
  2. Employ a full-time nurse.
  3. Stock a pharmacy.
  4. Equip woodwork shop to increase skills training.
  5. Increase awareness of Kuffu and its great potential encouraging individuals and teams to visit.
  6. Improve child-sponsorship to increase the wages of staff and supply educational materials.
  7. Inspire people to make a “one-off” gift towards development projects.

Thank you!

All that has been achieved so far is because of the generous gifts of our friends and regular supporters.  They have actively shared in the process of transforming the Village of Kuffu.