Working through a local Ugandan charity called GOSHEM, Care for Kuffu is a UK based charity with a vision of creating self-sustainable villages in the most rural and deprived parts of Uganda, Africa.

Through the process of developing educational and medical establishments, Care for Kuffu is transforming previously under developed communities into thriving micro economies that would not be dependent on aid or external assistance.

In addition to the building of schools and medical centres, the charity’s vision is to assist in the purchase of local land (but not to own it) and then train the communities to be able to manage the land, to feed themselves and sell the surplus to support their community
Uganda’s rich and fertile soil makes this a real opportunity to change the lives of thousands that are still reeling from the impact of decades of war, aids and unrest that has left them missing almost an entire generation and the skills they once possessed.

For more information on the work we are doing or to inquire about sponsorship/volunteering opportunities please call us on +44(0)1842 814007 or email info@careforkuffu.org