The Land

Uganda is blessed with rich and fertile soil which gives us a great foundation to build a micro economy based on farming. From potatoes to maize, from peppers to fish farming, the charity’s vision is to help the community build their own future on their own land.
With your help, we can work together to ensure that the villages are 100% self sustainable, giving them the future they need to rebuild their community for generations to come.

The Medication

Every year when we visit Kuffu we hold a medical day. This is funded by Care for Kuffu and various friends. This year we registered 405 people but our desire is to have a permanent access to medical care. To facilitate this we have built a clinic and will employ a nurse permanently. Our aim is to continue providing for them to have a more healthy environment and we will also need initially to stock the pharmacy.

The Buildings

From a simple dusty plot of land and a basic brick building, Care for Kuffu has been privileged to be able to be involved in building additional classrooms, a dedicated kitchen, boundary walls (required to protect the children as witchcraft is still widely practiced), a fresh water well with electric pump, visitor centre, bio-loos and a medical clinic.

The work is far from complete and with your help we can continue to develop the village by providing further training workshops and eventually a high-school and agricultural college.

Farming and Agriculture

It is our aim to cultivate the 15 acres of land which belongs to the Charity to help feed the school and any surplus to sell and help towards the expenses.
This year the project grew bananas, maize, beans and potatoes. We have also purchased 300 chickens and 6 goats which we will rear and sell on for a profit to help towards the school. But there’s always room to purchase some more goats to help move towards self-sufficiency.