Sponsorship Opportunities

Care for Kuffu is 100% donation funded and there are many ways that you can help through our sponsorship opportunities.

Our organization is committed to providing essential support and resources for children in need. Your contributions directly assist us in delivering critical services and assistance to improve their lives.

Our vision is to see every child in every village sponsored. A simple monthly donation of just £15 allows them have an education, at least one meal and also provides for the school materials.


With education at the core of Care for Kuffu’s vision, it is vital that we ensure that there are sufficient teachers to meet the demand from the community. Teachers do not only work in the village, but also live there full time and contribute extensively to the work. Your donation of £100 per month, will support the teachers’ wages, accommodation and food.


Each year we go we hold a medical day to help meet the physical needs of the community to employ local medical team and supply the medication. This year we registered 405 people but our desire is to have a permanent access to medical care. To facilitate this we have build a clinic and will employ a nurse permanently. This will cost £240 per month. We will also need initially to stock the pharmacy which will cost in total £3000. 

Latest Project

We aim for Care for Kuffu is to help with the community to become self-sufficient. To do this over the years we have build many school buildings, we have purchased land, we have introduced the piggery and our latest project has been to build and stock a chicken-goat house. We have purchased 300 chickens and 6 goats but there’s always room to purchase some more goats to help move towards self-sufficiency. The goat costs £50.


The charity does not aim to acquire land ownership, but it is crucial to support the acquisition of land for community development. Your monetary contributions will help provide the necessary land resources for the advancement of Kuffu’s communities.

Volunteering Opportunities

In addition to sponsorship, there is also the opportunity for you to get involved first hand and work with the team on the ground. Our regular self-funded mission trips often include building work, medical assistance and teaching the children.

If you would like to go and be involved with the school community there is a visitors centre available.

If you would like to find out more information on volunteering or our next trip to Uganda, please contact us or email us on info@careforkuffu.org for more details.

Fundraise Ideas

Whether you’re raising funds independently, at an event, at work, or in your community, here are various fundraising ideas to support our charity :

Birthday Party

Encourage guests to make a donation in lieu of gifts or set up a donation station at the party.

Summer BBQ

Host a charity BBQ and charge an entrance fee, with all proceeds going to the charity.


Include charity donation options in your wedding registry, or request guests to make a charitable contribution in lieu of traditional wedding gifts.

Game Event

Organize a gaming tournament with an entry fee, and allocate a portion of the proceeds to the charity.


Organize a holiday-themed fundraiser, like a Christmas market or Caroling night, and donate the proceeds to the charity.

Work Events

Introduce workplace charity campaigns, such as payroll deductions or charity drives, to engage employees in fundraising.

Local Marathon

Participate in a local marathon and ask friends and family to sponsor your run, with the funds raised going to the charity.

Music Event

Host a charity concert or music festival, selling tickets or merchandise with the proceeds benefiting the charity.

If you made a decision to participate into raising funds to help the charity please contact us for further assistance.